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Get listed on Catty Hotels today and get access to online bookings, room management, new customers and much more.

On your terms

Set your own terms including daily prices, discounts and custom rates.

Easy management

All you need to manage your cat hotel, from bookings to room inventory.

Always up to date

Always be onto of your bookings and know how many cats and which rooms are available.

Booking Management

Easy and quick

Get a complete overview of all your customers and their bookings with a easy and quick interface for daily operations both on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Catty Hotels ipad and iphone app for cat hotels

Room management

Easy add new rooms to your location or edit existing inventory

Add custom rates

Easy add special rates for holidays, Songkran, Christmas etc.

Additional cats

Add extra charges for additional cats staying in the same room.

Long term discounts

Offer discounts for long-term stays with just a few clicks.

Day to day operations

We have made sure to take the difficulties out of managing your location so you can focus on taking care of your customers and their lovely cats.

Say goodbye to keeping track of your room inventory and writing down customers in notepads and manual calendar entries.

Once a customer book one of your rooms, your inventory will automatically update to match the current availability preventing overbooking.

Booking management

Keep track of all your booking wherever you are.

Dynamic booking calendar

Bookings are automatically populated showing as either, pending, confirmed or cancelled.

Know exactly when and how long

Know when a customers arrives, how many cats, and when your room(s) become available again.

Long term discounts

Offer discounts for long-term stays with just a few clicks.

No more double bookings or handwritten notes

Being listed on Catty Hotels allows you to grow your business rapidly with huge exposure to potential customers

Once a new booking arrives, all you have to do is either confirm or reject it and our system handles the rest.

You can easily check when a customer arrives, how many cats and total booked rooms and when they come pick up their cat(s).

Booking management
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